Going on a road trip is an exciting time. Whether you're headed out of town to your favorite vacation spot or you're driving home for the holidays, it's important to always be prepared. Doing so can help make every road trip go more smoothly. 

The Obvious

While it might seem like these items are obvious, it doesn't hurt to tick them off the list as you are preparing for your road trip. Doing so can help prevent forgotten necessities. 

1. Your driver's license: This might seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you don't accidentally rush out of the house without it. 

2. Vehicle registration: The most convenient place for this documentation is in your vehicle's glove compartment. Just make sure you double-check that it's there before you head out. 

3. Vehicle insurance information and contact information: While you might have this information on your insurance company's app, you may need it when you don't have internet access. 

4. Vehicle manual: Just in case your vehicle starts doing something unusual, and you don't know what it means or if you need to know the location of a particular part, you'll be able to easily locate the answer you need in the vehicle manual. 

5. Well-stocked first aid kit: Be sure to replenish anything you use once you reach your destination. Include items like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, burn cream, tweezers, and safety pins, or opt for one that's premade. 

6. Spare tire: You don't want to assume your vehicle has a spare tire -- and that it's filled with air -- only to discover you're wrong when you're out on your road trip. Carefully inspect it before heading out on the road, so you're prepared. 

Safety Items

Having the right safety items in your vehicle before you embark on a road trip can help you stay protected and secure. 

7. Emergency kit: Not to be confused with a first-aid kit, your emergency kit is focused more on keeping you and you protected. Some items to include in your emergency kit are a window breaker, reflective vest, flares, and a tire pressure gauge. 

8. Flares: Space these starting 50 feet away from your car and continuing in 50-foot increments to help other motorists see you better in the event of a break-down, accident, or another similar incident. 

9. Battery booster cables: Whether you need them or another motorist, a pair of battery booster cables is an invaluable item for any road trip -- regardless of how long or short it might be. 

10. Shovel: Even if you're not traveling during winter weather, a shovel can still come in handy for digging yourself out of sand or mud. 

11. Flashlight and extra batteries: This is an invaluable tool for looking under the hood for the source of an unusual noise or when looking under the front seat to more easily locate your dropped cell phone. 

Necessary Essentials

The items in the next list are those that you might not immediately think about packing for your road trip. Doing so, though, can make the difference between a road trip that is comfortable and one that is not.

12. Water bottles: Even if you're traveling during the winter months, it's still important to make sure you stay well-hydrated. Plan for a minimum of one gallon per person. 

13. Notebook and writing utensil: You can record moments you want to remember, notes to yourself if your phone's apps aren't working correctly, and more. 

14. Sunglasses: From the adults to the tiniest of tots, everyone should have sunglasses on for the road trip. Not only do they help reduce glare so you can more easily enjoy the scenery, but sunglasses also reduce the amount of the sun's rays that reach your eyes. 

15. Paper products: Pack a roll of both paper towels and bathroom tissue. You'll find yourself reaching for the paper towels to capture those unexpected spills and to use as a makeshift plate. The role of bathroom tissue means you'll never be surprised by poorly-stocked public restrooms.

While this list is far from inclusive, it contains those items that are likely to make your road trip more enjoyable. Follow it and watch the memories and good times roll in. 


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