Want to get the most money for your vehicle trade-in? Then you will want to make sure that your vehicle looks and runs great. Here's a look at the most effective ways that you can prep your vehicle for trade-in. This helpful trade-in prep guide is made available from your friends at Glockner Honda. We are a top dealership in the Portsmouth, OH area. 

1). Completely clean the vehicle inside and out

The first thing that you want to do is make sure that your vehicle looks its best. That means that you will want to completely clean your vehicle inside and out. Starting with the outside of the vehicle, you should wash the vehicle of any dirt and debris on the paintwork as well as on the grille. Be sure to clean the areas that are often overlooked such as the wheels, the wheel wells, and the bumpers. You want to make sure that the exterior of the vehicle provides a great first impression. When you are done washing and drying the car, then you will want to apply wax to give the vehicle an excellent shine. 

Moving to the inside of the vehicle, you will want to completely vacuum the vehicle. This includes the floor mats, the seats, and the areas between the seats and the center console. If you have leather seats, then you will want to consider using a leather cleaner. Also be sure to clean up the dash, the steering wheel, and the other parts of the interior. You may also want to consider shampooing the fabric and carpeted areas inside your vehicle. Finally, use some sort of air freshener to make the vehicle smell great. 

2). Fix any small issues yourself 

There may be some small issues with your vehicle that you should consider fixing yourself. By fixing these small issues yourself, you can save some serious time and money that can boost the value of your vehicle. Here are some small issues that can be done on your own:

  • Fixing scratches on the vehicle surface
  • Replacing old or missing knobs inside the vehicle
  • Replacing wheel covers
  • Replacing broken lights
  • Replacing broken light covers
  • Repairing any rips on the car seats
  • Replacing spark plugs 
  • Replacing any filters 

You should be able to get all the replacement parts and repair kits that you need at your local auto parts store. If you need any help on getting repairs done, be sure to check out any car repair blogs as well as how-to videos on Youtube. 

3). Gather any important documents related to your vehicle

Dealers really appreciate it when you have all the documents that come with the vehicle. This shows that you are a responsible owner who took good care of the vehicle. Here are some of the documents that you should be able to present with your vehicle at trade-in:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle title (if you have it)
  • Vehicle maintenance records 
  • Vehicle sales record 
  • Vehicle insurance 

As an added bonus, try to have all the papers presented in a folder. This will make it easier for the dealership to review the documents. 

4). Gather all accessories associated with your vehicle 

In addition to gathering all the needed documents with your vehicle, you will also want to gather the extra accessories that came with your vehicle. This will include everything from your vehicle keys to any CDs, SIM cards, key fobs, or anything else that goes with your vehicle. The more accessories that you have, the easier it will be for the dealership to re-sell your vehicle. Therefore, the dealership will likely offer you more for your trade-in. 

If you are not sure if you have all the accessories that come with your vehicle, be sure to look up a website forum related to your vehicle. Ask the members of the forum what accessories are associated with your make and model vehicle. This will help you gather what you need. 

5). Inspect the vehicle yourself 

It's a good idea for you to walk around the vehicle and inspect it as though you worked at a dealership. Take a look at what would catch the dealership's attention. Is there a scratch that you forgot to repair? Does the paintwork look off from one angle on the vehicle? Taking this time to inspect the vehicle will allow you to catch anything that you may have missed the first time.

After a visual inspection, be sure to test drive the vehicle and check to see how the brakes work and how the vehicle shifts. If there is something off with the vehicle's driving, then you may want to consider some simple steps such as rotating the tires or replacing the oil. 

6). Know your vehicle's estimated value 

It's a good idea to have a ballpark vehicle of your vehicle's estimated value. There are a couple of tools that you can use to estimate your trade-in. Two of the most popular trade-in vehicle estimator tools are available from Kelly Blue Book and Hagerty. Each of these trade-in estimators will give you a good ballpark figure for your vehicle. 

7). Research the top places to trade in your vehicle 

Finally, you want to make sure that you take your vehicle to the right place to get the best money for your trade-in. Be sure to check out the reviews from the dealership to see if they offer an excellent customer service experience. Also, check to see what type of vehicles that they sell. For instance, if you are looking to trade in a truck, then you may be better off going to a dealership that specializes in selling trucks. 

Get the top trade-in value for your vehicle at Glockner Honda 

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