Purchasing a vehicle comes with certain responsibilities if you want to get the most value for your investment. Whether you buy a new or used Honda, knowing how to properly maintain it is the key to making it last, run well and have the best performance. 

Service at Glockner Honda

Glockner Honda provides a range of maintenance services that are designed to keep your Honda runs safely and smoothly. Every Honda comes with a recommended service schedule. By following that schedule, you'll be protecting your vehicle while also helping to maintain the warranty. 

Turn to the service department at Glockner Honda for the following services: 

  • oil filter and change
  • brakes
  • windshield wipers
  • tires
  • transmission work
  • batteries
  • and much more!

Maintenance You Can Do

While you might not have the knowledge, tools and equipment to change the brakes or the timing belt when it needs to be replaced, there are still things you can do yourself to help maintain your Honda. 

  • Check the fluid levels

If you're like many drivers, you don't really think about the fluids in your Honda unless there is a problem or it's time for an oil change. Instead, develop the habit of checking the fluid levels on your vehicle on a regular basis. 

In order to prevent the vehicle from overheating, the coolant level needs to be checked and topped off if necessary. The windshield wiper fluid is vital to ensuring that you can see clearly. The transmission fluid is another substance whose levels must be checked. 

Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the types of fluids that are best for your Honda. Following these guidelines can help prevent damage to your vehicle. 

Cleaning the exterior of your vehicle is necessary to protect the paint and reduce the chances of it getting rust. Be sure to use a cleaner that is recommended by Honda to avoid damage to the finish. 

Pay special attention to the undercarriage when you're washing the exterior. The engine bay also needs to be cleaned. Maintain the shine and the paint's finish by waxing your Honda as recommended by the manufacturer. 

On at least a monthly basis, clean and detail the interior of your Honda as well. Vacuum the carpet and cloth seats, if your vehicle is equipped with them. Clean spills immediately. 

For the dash and leather seats, use only a cleaner that is recommended by Honda for the best results. By keeping the inside of your vehicle clean, you can help minimize any damage. 

  • Check Your Tires

Make it a habit to check the condition of your tires every time you put gas in your vehicle. Look for bumps, cracks and bulges. Note the amount of tread that your tires have. 

At least monthly, check the pressure of each tire. Not only can properly inflated tires make riding in your vehicle more pleasant, but it can also help boost your fuel efficiency. 

  • Know Your Vehicle

Once you've had your vehicle for a few weeks, you'll probably get to know how it typically sounds and drives. Be sure to be aware of the way your Honda handles when you drive it. If you notice it pulling, shaking or any other unusual activity, take it in to be serviced. 

The same goes for the way your vehicle sounds. Any unusual or loud noises should be investigated by a knowledgeable mechanic. 

Another good habit to develop is to become observant when you park your Honda. Whether it is garaged every day or you park it in your driveway, inspect the area under your vehicle once you move it. 

Try to do this at least once each month. Look for wet spots that could indicate that there is a leak of some sort. Be aware that if your Honda is running for an extended amount of time with the air conditioning on, you will likely see fluid under your car. This is simply condensation and isn't a cause for concern. 

At GlocknerHonda, we use only Honda parts and all of our technicians are ASE-certified. Our family-friendly service department is ready to partner with you to ensure that your Honda is well taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 


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