Unfortunately, getting a flat tire is a part of life, and most of us have had this experience. While it's certainly an inconvenience, it doesn't have to ruin the day as long as you're properly prepared. Here at Glockner Honda, we would love to show you how it can be done in 15 minutes or less.

Always Be Prepared

You should already have a spare tire, a car jack, a lug wrench, and a flashlight in case you break down when it's dark outside. You may also want to consider having a screwdriver to help take off the hubcap. Just as you should check your other tires monthly, the same holds true with the spare. Examine the tread and ensure it has the correct pressure, or you won't' be able to use it as a spare.

What To Do Before Changing A Tire

If you know you have a flat tire, it's important to pull over quickly to avoid additional damage to your wheels. Pull over in a safe spot on the side of the road, and watch for oncoming vehicles if you're on a crowded highway. Begin by taking out the spare tire and placing it nearby the one that needs changing. Hopefully, you can pull over along a flat, even surface, which will make it much easier to change the tire. It's also important that the parking brake is engaged to ensure the vehicle is secured and your safety.

How To Change Your Tire Quickly And Safely

The first order of business is to place the car jack in the right location under your vehicle. Refer to your owner's manual, so you don't risk damage to the vehicle or compromise your safety. You'll want to pump the handle until the vehicle has elevated roughly three to four inches off the ground. If something seems unstable, repeat the process until you have it right.

How To Loosen Lug Nuts Correctly

If you have a hubcap, use a screwdriver to loosen it. If you know the lug nuts are tight, you might want to loosen them before jacking the vehicle in the air. To loosen them, you need to turn the wrench counter-clockwise. Rather than going from one lug nut to the next, utilize a "star" pattern, which helps keep the wheel centered. You only need to loosen them, and you can remove them with your hands afterward. 

Replacing The Flat Tire

After you've loosened the lug nuts and the vehicle is safely elevated, you can begin changing the flat tire. Don't forget to keep your lug nuts in a safe space (such as a glove compartment) while you complete this step. After you've removed the flat tire, ensure it's placed off to the side while you place the spare on.

Once the spare is on, you can start to tighten the lug nuts, but don't tighten them completely. At first, you'll want to screw them on with your hands in case you've made a mistake. You may tighten them after you have everything set, but make sure to take your time and use the same pattern mentioned above that will keep the wheel snug.

After you have the spare tire in place, you can begin slowly lowering the car to allow weight to distribute the spare. Then you can carefully remove the jack and clean up and place the materials back in your trunk. After you've completed this step, congratulations! You've successfully fixed a flax tire safely and quickly. 

How Far Can You Drive With A Spare Tire? 

It's not recommended to go any further than 50 miles with a spare tire. They are meant to be a temporary fix while you take your vehicle in to get another tire. Also, you should not exceed a speed of 50 miles per hour. The "50/50" rule for a spare can ensure you get to your destination safely and do not cause additional damage to your vehicle. When it comes to a flat tire, you should never put yourself at risk if you have a breakdown on a crowded interstate. If you don't feel comfortable, it's always better to call roadside assistance and wait for help.

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