Shopping for a car can be stressful. There's a balance between getting the vehicle you want and getting the vehicle that you can afford. Do you spend the money on a brand-new vehicle or do you take your chances with a used vehicle? At Glockner Honda, we offer an inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles, offering the best of both worlds.

Certified pre-owned vehicles have been fully inspected, refurbished, and certified, providing you with confidence that the pre-owned vehicle will go on to last you a long time.

Buy with Confidence

Spending money on a car, truck, or SUV can be terrifying. Are you getting the best possible deal? Are you going to end up with countless problems the moment you drive it off of the lot? Used cars will often leave you with worries.

When you buy a vehicle, you shouldn't be stressed about your decision. When professionals have taken the time to inspect and refurbish every aspect of the pre-owned vehicle, it gives you more confidence. You can buy the vehicle in cash or finance it knowing that you're getting behind the wheel of a model that can last you for many years to come.

Enjoy an Extended Warranty

Buying a used car means you don't get a warranty unless there's something left on the original manufacturer's warranty. For example, if you buy a car that has 20,000 miles on the odometer and the warranty is for 36,000 miles, you would get the warranty that remains. However, many used cars have significantly more miles on the odometer, which would leave you out in the cold.

Our trained technicians have taken the time to look over the vehicle and correct any issues. Because of this, we'll offer extended warranty protection. It allows you to know that if there is an issue with the powertrain or with anything else, you have a way to get it taken care of.

Get a Low-Interest Loan

When you start to shop for auto loans, you'll find that the interest rate will go up when you buy used cars. Certified pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs can qualify for lower finance rates. It can help to save you money on your monthly payment. You can choose the terms that work best for you - and shorter terms can help you to pay the vehicle off faster so that you own it free and clear.

Plus, at Glockner Honda, you can get pre-approved for a loan so that the buying process is even faster when you get to the dealership.

Save Money

You're able to save a lot of money by choosing a certified pre-owned vehicle over a new one. If having the latest and greatest model isn't important to you, choose something that won't start depreciating the moment you drive it off of the lot.

You'll save money on the overall cost of the vehicle as well as the maintenance. Additionally, you'll likely save money on your insurance, too. It won't be brand new and it will be in better condition than the average used car. As such, insurance will be able to give you a quote that is easier to manage.

Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

The moment you buy a used vehicle, you're taking your chances. How do you really know when the last oil change was? How do you know if the tires have been rotated regularly? While you can always give a used car a once-over to determine if there are issues, it can be hard to catch everything.

When you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle, you know that everything has not only been inspected but also repaired. It can cut down on the overall cost of ownership and maintenance. Additionally, you'll get free maintenance for a set period as part of our certification process.

Start Shopping Today

At Glockner Honda, our inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles go quickly - and the inventory is always changing. We make it a point to provide you with the best deals so that you can buy with confidence and save money. Let us show you how to get a great deal on a vehicle that offers more value than your typical used model. Call to make an appointment with our sales department or stop in during our dealership hours.


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